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For organizations

Let me be straight to the point first, this is not a project for me to make money. Period! Pinky promise!

However, with all projects that matter, there’s a lot of effort and personal investment. And I’m not talking about my time invested. I do all of this with great pleasure. 

For example, I have some people who are interested in joining the project, who are refugees in this country and are unable to pay for travel and expenses being part of this project. I am at this point unable to cover these expenses out of pocket from this project. 

I hope you see how this project helps create awareness and understanding between the different people in the Netherlands. 

This leaves me with something I absolutely hate: asking for support. I do feel strongly to help give people the opportunity to be part of this project and help cover the costs for finalizing the project. 

If you and your business care about equality and wants to join this project’s cause creating awareness around diversity, then please fill out the form below.


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  • 1 copy of the book
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  • 2 available
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  • One complimentary shoot of your staff (max 20 people)

about the project

The People of the Netherlands project is a portrait photography project instigated by Maurice Jager. 

The project is fully funded by Maurice Jager. The people who participate in the project do so on a voluntary basis.

The goal

The goal of the project is to photograph a person for each nationality that lives in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a country with a variety of people and nationalities, different offsprings, cultures and roots.

The project wants to achieve to show all the different faces who live in this beautiful country to create more awareness and acceptance towards others. 

If you live in the Netherlands, but have roots elsewhere, I want to invite you to join the project and let me photograph you in my Arnhem studio, at no cost.

You can have the Dutch nationality, as long as you, or your parents or grandparents, have roots elsewhere and migrated to the Netherlands at some point.

The result

At the end of the project, which is set at October 4, 2024, a coffee table book with all the images will be launched and available to purchase through this website.

Maurice is currently trying to find a location to host an exhibition of the portraits.

The proceeds of the book will hopefully cover some of the expenses made for the project, but probably not all.

The progress of the project can be followed online on this website and on Maurice Jager’s social media accounts.

about the photographer

Maurice Jager is a leading Dutch headshot and portrait photographer with a studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands and New York City, USA.

Maurice Jager

Maurice Jager is a photographer, speaker, author and podcast-host.

Maurice Jager is Europa’s top headshot photographer and personal branding photography specialist.

With over a decade of experience as a photographer, Maurice has photographed tens of thousands of people in his studios.

Maurice partnered up with Van Duuren Media and together they released his book ‘Personal branding voor fotografen‘, only available in Dutch at this point, which bundles all of his experience.

As the expert in personal branding for photographers, Maurice also launched a Facebook group with currently over 700 members and a Podcast named  ‘Personal Branding for Photographers‘ with approximately 500 monthly listeners.

Maurice is one of the returning coaches on the TV-Show ‘Focus op Gelderland’ which is aired on Omroep Gelderland and national TV on NPO2 with Omroep Max.

Maurice’s book has been chosen the second best photography book in 2020.